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Meet Frank

High school baseball player in Arizona, great student, solid citizen and a better than avenge at the plate.

Like most HS players, he dreamed of playing at the college level, however he had no plan, no path and no clue what to do.

So he sat back and waited for others to find him a spot on a college team. Finally an offer came his way, without thought he packed his bags and headed out of state. Played one season only to make a hastily return to Arizona.

When I asked Frank, "why the quick return" he replied "did not know how cold Wisconsin can get"

Hence, the main issue with many college bound students, they take a reactive approach to finding the right college fit. Maybe they are influenced, or just luck of draw that a college offer came their way, the point is they have not truly thought out the process.

So here are a few items to consider before deciding on your college career....

  1. Have I defined my passion, is it just my sport and college is a stepping stone to the pro's or do my interest also include a decree that will hang on my office wall.

  2. Play time, do I care about quality play time or is riding the bench ok as long I as make the team. Are you ok being the little fish in the big pond - big D1 teams - or maybe being the big fish in a smaller pond is a better fit.

  3. Campus life, after practice is over, when the season is over do you care about where you are and what surrounds you. Does that environment a plus in your long term plans. Don't forget you are just one slip in the bathtub from not being able to play and you need to have a back up plan. If you take away the stadium and only have a campus will you be happy.


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