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Candon​: Pitcher - RH * SafeArm Program * Highland High School, AZ * 

2023 Arizona Collegiate Summer League
Candon was the only high school pitcher in the league (20 teams)

the problem

Over the past 5 years College Baseball has seen an alarming raise in pitchers with sore or troubled arms.

The main cause is the lack of knowledge and care with many club & high school programs.

SafeArm has been in deployment for a few years, put on hold from the pandemic and now ready to go.

the solution

SafeArm is designed to log  pitch count, mound time & rest periods.

Professional Arm-Care from veteran Trainer Ric, a nationally respected expert  leader in athletic training. 

Focus on Mound-Time with Brendon Little, MiLB veteran pitcher. Learn to keep focus and take charge of your game.

quality eyes

College coaches want quality eyes on their baseball program. 

Which, in this case means perspective students that have done their due diligence and understand the need for common interest in selecting a college program. 

SafeArm and research shows coaches that you are proactive with your arm-care & career.

Research maps and guided will help define what colleges are a good match.


  1. Your arm is healthy 

  2. Research maps and guided will help define what colleges are a good match.

  3. You have explored the research maps

  4. Read the college guide

  5. We have met by Zoom, email and phone.

  6. You have defined your goals and interest

  7. Your pre-launch check list and exit interview completed

  8. We promote your skill sets using the

best profile system

on the planet

Bill cartoon.png


Advisory Board

Ric MorenoMS, ATC, CSCS, EMT

  • Oakland A's 

  • Harlem Globetrotters

  • CGCC 

    Brendon Little: MLB, MiLB

  • Pitcher

    Dr. Kruger, Ph.D. 

  • Kinesiology 

  • Pitching Advisor: NFHS, NCAA, MLB

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